McCain is Toast

September 26, 2008

This is my inaugural post and it’s sad that it has to be about politics. But with all that is going on in our country right now, what else is there really to get your juices flowing, other than Spring Source’s decision to change their maintenance policy?

McCain, in the course of one short week, has taken his campaign from a dead heat with Obama, to what is being reported widely as a 9 point deficit.

The cause? Within about 36 hours, McCain’s take on the economy went from “fundamentally strong” to the equivalent of “bring out yer dead”. Then he decided to suspend his campaign, ostensibly to go to Washington and do his job in this time of crisis. Which is odd, because reports are that he didn’t even read the bailout plan he flew to Washington to vote on and was wholly unprepared to do anything meaningful to contribute to the process.

Today, after seeking to postpone the debate, it seems as if he’s actually going to show up now.

McCain gives flip floppers a bad name.

All of this has pretty much solidified my position that McCain is ill suited to be President. And his antics over the past week, and the gap that has opened up between he and Obama in the polls has pretty much put the final nail in the coffin of his campaign. It’s a gaff from which I don’t think he’ll recover, especially in the midst of one of the largest economic crisis of our generation a scant 5 weeks from the election.

Not that I’ll be voting for Obama either; this “candyman” seeks to glide over the countryside, throwing handfuls of benefits to his wide eyed constituents and thinks that those ‘rich’ people, you know the ones who make over $250k, should pay for it. His running mate went so far as to suggest that it’s your patriotic duty.


What I’m finding particularly interesting is how much airtime Ron Paul is suddenly getting in the MSM. Maybe if they hadn’t written him off 9 months ago we’d have a real conservative running against the Candyman.

Oh well, I’ll still be writing in Ron Paul come election day.